Buttock-Hamstring Pain

10 Aug

Buttock-Hamstring Pain Although City2Surf is behind us, many people are continuing with their running as the September marathon/half-marathon/9k bridge run approaches. So in keeping with the running theme, it seemed worthwhile to talk about buttock-hamstring tendinopathy. We have more detailed information on hamstring injuries here.   Hamstring tendinopathy is often described as a pain at the bottom of […]

Running Recovery

10 Aug

Running Recovery With the City2Surf over, many people will be using the next few days to recover. Running recovery is particularly important for those who were using the City2Surf as a training race for the marathon and half-marathon in September, as these people have to resume training this week. Implementing a proper recovery allows runners […]

ITB Pain – Runner’s Knee Pain

03 Aug

ITB Pain or ITB Friction Pain The ITB (Iliotibial Band) is a band that runs from the pelvis to the outside of the thigh and attaches to the outside of the knee. The ITB passes across the bony prominence on the outside of your knee and has a sensitive fat pad underneath this point. We […]

The Travelling Team Physio

02 Oct

Life as a travelling Team Physio   Rugby League World Cup 2013 Among other sporting teams I have worked with during my career, I have been privileged to be the team physio for FIRL (Federazione Italiana Rugby League) or Italian Rugby League, since 1994. This has involved administrative as well as the obvious medical position. To […]

Stretches for Rowers

29 Sep

Stretches for Rowers To prevent injury in rowing it is important to stretch and keep certain muscle groups flexible. Rowing injuries can result from sudden changes in training volume, poor technique, or previous injuries reoccurring. Rowers require adequate flexibility in their shoulders, back, hips, and legs in order to safely perform a stroke. For example, […]

Office Ergonomics

24 Sep

Office Ergonomics – Current Research The more recent research regarding office ergonomics is in support of: • Alternative mouse designs i.e. vertical, joystick • Arm supports • Adjustable chair • Keyboards -reduced impact force of keys -split design/geometry   Although not yet supported by research, other changes that Occupational Health organisations advocate are: • Screens […]

The Stretching Controversy

24 Sep

Stretching has been a subject of increased controversy over the past decade. The pros and cons have been debated as more research has been published and the tradition of stretching before and after exercise has been challenged. To summarise the stretching research: Stretching DOES increase flexibility if Held for at least 15-30s, but no need […]

Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

24 Sep

Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries     The last thing on the snow-sports enthusiast mind when they hit the slopes is any thought of injury and therefore no thought to condition or for injury prevention. It is advisable to undertake a tailored/individual programme of conditioning ahead of time. In establishing an adequate programme, its important to […]